Best Cold Sore Treatment – How to Get an Effective Treatment Possible

Cold sores are recurrent and may cause pain heavily around the mouth area. It produces discomfort and may actually cause other symptoms such as fever, sore throat, sores in and around the mouth, as well as headaches. Because it is quite obvious in young children, adults may actually harbor the virus and remain dormant and have recurring events of cold sore outbreaks which can last within a week with or without treatment. For cold sores, the treatment may actually be over the counter or homemade remedies which can be used when the outbreak starts.

What to do when the outbreak starts?

The basic sensation which signals the start of the outbreak is the tingling sensation on the affected area. If that happens, oftentimes, the best cold sore treatment is to use a topical antiviral creams. These creams come in variety (such as acyclovir and penciclovir) but the symptoms can be easily managed. Oftentimes, using cold sore creams can be helpful during the initial stages, but for spreading sores, antiviral creams can be handy. An application of five to six times can immediately reduce the pain and the sensation.

Can I use an OTC medicine?

In as much as you want, an OTC anti-viral medicine can prove helpful. Most doctors are aware that taken in medicine proves reliable and works well, so some best cold sore treatment such as valacyclovir is used and taken in like a pill. It is digested and is absorbed by the body better. The only difference is that these pills are prescribed for more severe cases. It would pay to have a visit to your doctor to know your chances of getting a prescription or have an OTC antiviral medicine. For frequent bouts, a combination of topical application and medicine can prove to help heal the scar and relieve the symptom at the same time.

What should I do with my affected skin part?

For affected skin parts, using cold sore patches can be considered the best cold sore treatment. While waiting for the skin to heal, using these patches along with a gel can cool and heal the sores faster. For the affected area, patches containing the gel hydrocolloid can help ease down the sensation, while the skin heal faster. If that is not enough, maintaining a better hygiene is a must.

Can I use a non-antiviral treatment?

There are treatments which can be used to ease the sore, but not take down the root cause of the virus. This cannot be said as the best cold sore treatment, but it could alleviate the symptoms. For most people, cold sores gives them nausea, headache and vomiting. The intake of pain killers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol is proven useful. For children, it is better to ask a doctor before taking in any of the non-antiviral rather than trying. Cold creams can also help cool down wounds. For complications, a doctor’s assistance gives you the best treatment. They can give you alternatives on what to do and make you feel comfortable the best way possible. 

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